Potbelly Exciting Plans for More Yummy Sandwich Shops!

Potbelly Exciting Plans for More Yummy Sandwich Shops!

Hey there, little pals! Today, we’re talking about Potbelly, a cool place where they make yummy sandwiches. Potbelly had a super awesome year in 2023, and they’re all set to make even more delicious sandwiches and open more shops. Let’s find out what’s cooking!

Potbelly : Traffic and Yummy Sales:

Okay, so some restaurants had a bit of a tough time in 2023 because not as many people were coming to eat. But guess what? Potbelly didn’t get that memo! They just shared their results for the last part of 2023, and it’s all good news. Their sales went up by about 6%, and a big part of that is because lots of people kept coming to enjoy their tasty sandwich.

Potbelly Exciting Plans for More Yummy Sandwich Shops!

Potbelly : The Five-Pillar Strategy:

Potbelly’s has a secret plan to make everything awesome, and they call it the “five-pillar strategy.” This plan started in July 2020, and the big boss, CEO Bob Wright, says it’s working like magic. It’s about making sure everything runs smoothly, and they’re doing a great job at it!

Potbelly : Digital Magic and Perks:

Potbelly’s is also really good at using computers to make things easy. They spend money on telling people about their yummy food through digital channels. They even have a special club called “Perks” where people get cool rewards for being loyal customers. Almost 40% of the people ordering food from Potbelly’s do it through the computer, and that’s a lot more than before.

Potbelly : Growing the Potbelly Family:

Potbelly’s wants to have even more shops where families can go and enjoy their tasty sandwiches. Right now, they have 430 shops, but they dream big! They want to have 2,000 shops all over the United States. That’s a lot of places to get delicious sandwiches, right?

The Underground Menu and More Fun Stuff:

Potbelly has a secret menu that you can’t find anywhere else, not even on their website. It’s like a special club for people who really love Potbelly’s food. CEO Bob Wright says they’re just getting started with this cool idea. They want to do even more fun things to make customers happy.

A Slow Rollout for Something Special:

Potbelly’s has this super cool thing called the “Potbelly’s Digital Kitchen.” It’s like a special place where they make sure your orders are perfect, no matter where they come from. Right now, it’s in about one-third of Potbelly’s shops, and they’re being careful to introduce it slowly so that everything stays awesome.

More Yummy Shops Coming Soon:

Guess what? Potbelly is planning to open more new shops in 2024. They’re talking about having a bunch of them—like 10% more! That means more families can have a new favorite place to grab a quick and tasty bite.

Closing Thoughts:

So, there you have it, little buddies! Potbelly is on a roll, making more yummy sandwiches, using cool computer magic, and opening more shops. If you love their sandwiches, get ready for even more deliciousness because Potbelly is just getting started! Yay for tasty sandwiches and more fun times ahead!