Karrie Good Shooting: Your Complete Guide

Karrie Good Shooting: Your Complete Guide

There is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang named Karrie who is very good at shooting. She is also known as the Lost Star. Her humanoid relatives made her a powerful weapon that makes her stand out among heroes because it can really hurt people. This makes her a very dangerous enemy on the battlefield. Let’s look into the details of how to play Karrie well.

Karrie Good Shooting: Taking apart Karrie’s arsenal

Karrie’s skills make her strong; each one is meant to help her do more damage and move around more easily.

Karrie Good Shooting: Mark the Lightwheel as Passive

When Karrie strikes or does a skill, she leaves Lightwheel Marks on enemies. These marks, when stacked up to five, send out a lightwheel that does real damage based on the target’s full health. This one-of-a-kind skill makes her very dangerous to tanky enemies, since true damage doesn’t care about physical or magical defences.

Tip: Get attack speed items first to increase the number of Lightwheel Marks and make sure they do the same amount of damage every time.

Karrie Good Shooting: First Skill: Making the lightwheel spin

Karrie shoots out a bubble of energy that hurts enemies physically. When the sphere hits an enemy, it slows them down and hurts close enemies. This makes it perfect for controlling crowds and bothering people.

Tip: Use the Spinning Lightwheel to take control of the lane early on or to slow down people who are after you to scare them off.

Ghost Step is the second skill.

With this skill, Karrie can dash in a certain direction while throwing a lightwheel at the nearby enemy. The lightwheel does damage and leaves Lightwheel Marks on the enemy.

Tip: Make Phantom max out. Step first to shorten its cooldown and give Karrie better movement to chase or get away from enemies.

The best – Speedy Lightwheel

Karrie enters the Dual Wield state, which makes her faster to move and gives her basic weapons more power with two lightwheels. Each lightwheel takes on attack effects and gives a certain amount of basic attack damage.

Tip: Use Speedy Lightwheel before going into battle to do more damage and move faster.

Making Karrie’s Outfit

If you want to get the most out of Karrie, try this build:

  • Swift Boots: Speeds up attacks, which is important for quickly stacking Lightwheel Marks.
  • Haas’s Claws: Gives Karrie lifesteal to keep her going during fight.
  • Windtalker: This item speeds up both attack and moving, and it works well with Karrie’s kit.
  • Endless Battle: This ability gives Karrie more power by combining attack, lifesteal, and cooldown reduction.
  • Blade of Despair: Karrie’s physical attack goes up even more, making her a danger throughout the game.
  • Immortality: It gives you a second chance in battle by resurrecting you.

How to Master Combos

To get the most out of Karrie, work on the following combos:

Harass Combo: Start by spinning the lightwheel to deal damage and slow the enemy down. Then, use basic techniques to stack Lightwheel Marks.

Start the Engage Combo by using Speedy Lightwheel. Then, close the gap with Phantom Step and launch devastating attacks.

Escape Combo: Use Phantom Step to quickly get away from danger, then turn on Speedy Lightwheel to move faster.

In conclusion

Karrie can’t be stopped in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang if she has the right build, skills, and attacks. Learn how to use her skills and change how you act in different situations. Don’t forget to use the power of the VTBET Star to take over the fight.